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About Us

Concern GazRezerv Ltd. Is a group of companies; the main focus of its activity is the distribution of imported pork and beef throughout the territory of Russian Federation. We offer a wide assortment of high quality meat at competitive prices combined with efficient delivery and excellent customer service.

Our history

Concern GazRezerv Ltd. Was founded in 2002 and in a short time it has become one of the leading operators in the Russian meat market. At the present time it is considered to be one of the most stable companies in this field and has achieved significant annual growth in its activity. Today Concern GazRezerv Ltd. is included amongst the top five distributors of imported meat in Russia.

Concern GazRezerv Ltd. follows closely developments in the market; it quickly adjusts itself to the new demands and preferences of its clients. There is a strong emphasis on cost efficiency at all levels of our operation and we maintain a strategic direction for our business. We are  establishing long term and mutually beneficial relations with all our partners. We are assisted in our operations by our reliable and comprehensive logistic system which enables the fastest possibly delivery to our clients.

Concern GazRezerv Ltd. is a socially responsible business. The quality of raw meat products is a priority and we are constantly expanding our product range. We provide meat products which do not contain any genetically modified components and are free from any other dangerous contaminants. We have available Quality certificates and individual Veterinary certificates for all the products.

Concern GazRezerv Ltd. has a proud reputation as a business partner and as an employer. The company comprises a strong team of professionals with wide expertise in all areas of business; including Economics, Law, Finance, Logistics and Veterinary Science.  Presently our staff exceeds 80 members most of whom are graduates from the country’s principal Universities. An effective personnel and recruitment policy has allowed us to create a dynamic corporate culture in a short time.

Concern GazRezerv Ltd. is an experienced operator in the Russian meat Market and a reliable business partner!

Our geography

Our principal suppliers are world leaders in the international meat market. The company cooperates with meat producers from Western Europe, Canada, USA and the countries of Latin America.

Our customer base includes more than fifty of the major meat processing companies and regional traders in Russia.

191024, Russia, St-Petersburg, Telezhnaya st., 13 V
phone:   +7 (812) 346-76-33
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